It’s Krismas!!!

by whelklife

Nearly Krismas, it is nearly Krismas. Which means eating in excess (guiltily), drinking in excess (not so guiltily), and listening to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Krismas’ on repeat (no way guiltily). It also means the annual release of the Kardashian’s Krismas card. A Krismas event in itself. While I am a little bit far behind with the commentary, the card was revealed a little while ago now. I only managed to watch the Krismas Special Episode last night, prime Sunday night viewing. The card was shot by Dave LaChapelle, on his website it is titled a page of revelations/Black Friday, and boy is it a page of revelations. The dollar signs, the tabloid’s scattered throughout, an old broken and used mannequin placed cleverly beside a glass caged, old broken Bruce. A mix of popular culture, with the grim reality of it’s significance in this world. The Black Friday part bemused me, was it shot on Black Friday, is it referring to the black dresses, did the Kardashian’s black souls encompass the studio that day and was the experience an all around bleak and sordid affair for LaChapelle?


Who knows but it seems LaChapelle  is completely disregarding the Kardashian’s, their lifestyle and celebrity culture as a whole yet clever enough to have them actually appear in his own artistic satire of their life! Oh well, it seemed to have swooped right over the Kardashian clans heads and LaChapelle is laughing all the way to the bank with a cool $250,000. All just pawns in the game I say. Besides the symbolism behind it all, there is also one pretty major other issue with the whole thing, it might be the worst looking Krismas card I have ever seen, where’s the Krismas tree, the Santa hats, the fake snow, the cheesy Krismas jumpers, SCOTT DISICK!?!! I’m no Dave LaChapelle but it’s just all wrong.

christmas photosWhelklife xx