Life Lessons Kenny Powers Style

by whelklife

If you ask me, the secret to success is to have a diverse portfolio. Too much of any one thing is f***ing no bueno. Of course, sometimes, balancing can be hard. But all things worth having are worth fighting for. Sometimes hard work pays off. If a man doesn’t have a dream, well, guess what? His soul begins to die. So after you’ve accomplished your dreams, the best thing to do is to come up with new dreams. That way, as the years roll on, as they will do, you’ll always look to the future with hope. But of course the future’s sure to hold its fair share of miseries. All kinds of sh*tty sorrows. I find solace in the fact that from each sorrow comes a little bit of knowledge. And with knowledge comes wisdom. If you’re lucky, you get a second act in life. But sooner or later, death will come. Unannounced, Old Man Reaper comes to reclaim your soul. All you can hope for is that the people you love will cherish the time they spent with you. In the end, you judge a man by how he influenced the world. You judge him by the seeds he left behind. And you judge the seeds by the harvest. Kenny Powers’ harvest remains unknown, but I’m pretty goddamn proud of my seeds.Image

A great life mantra, Danny McBride can do no wrong!

Whelklife xx